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G/E // Camera Professional

Union and Non-Union Productions



Niemen Marcus, Peterbilt, NFL 360, Homemade Ice Cream, Dickey's BBQ,

Kubota, Fred Hammond, TCU. Lowtown Studios, Gateway Church,


Key Grip

Washington's Armor -2022-  Capernaum Studios

Gutters  -2020-  (SHORT) Maker Table

Zales, Poo-Pourri


G/E various role

(grip, electric, swing. rigger, BB, etc.)- 


American Underdog 

Puppet Master: The Littles Reich 

Dr Phil Show

Facebook, Ice Cube's BIG 3, Activision: Call of Duty League, T-Mobile, Yella Beezy, Kirk Franklin, Red Print Strategy


Cam Op - 

NFL 360

Big 12, NFL Network, Various docs (especially for my good friends over at EC Films)


DP - 

Machismo (2019) Duran1 Films - HBO Latino Official Selection


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